Registration and Participation

This website is part of ProFundum Educatie which is by itself a part of ProFundum Instituut B.V.


Registration for participation in the symposium and or masterclass takes place via the entry form.

Registration for the symposium and or masterclass is based on order of receipt of the registration until the maximum number of participants is reached.

Up to 10 days of receiving the application sends the Profundum Education participant via e-mail confirmation of provisional participation in the symposium and or masterclass.

No later than two weeks before the event, you will receive written information and the final confirmation of participation.

In case of insufficient participants you will be informed no later than two weeks before the conference about the cancellation of the event.


The payment you must do so via the website through the available beta signalling capabilities.

If the costs are not paid via the website reserves ProFundum Educatie to assign the right to the event to other participants.
The obligation is to pay the event, without official de-registration, exist!

Logoff by participant:

If you cancel a course the participant is in writing (via mail or letter) to unsubscribe.

Upon cancellation up to two weeks prior to the symposium or masterclass 50% of the fee will be refunded to you.

If you cancel less than two weeks before the conference will not be returned from the fee.

Cancellation of a course by ProFundum Educatie:

In case a course is cancelled by ProFundum Education received participant which makes the congressional costs already paid back the money within a period of two weeks.

Responsibility / Liability:

Participants are personally responsible for any damage they cause.

Reparations by the ProFundum Instituut B.V. to participants without clear evidence of negligence is excluded.